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Book review: Bertie The Blitz Dog, by Libby Parker

30326277I received a free digital copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley.

This is a historical fiction with a wonderful twist, as you get to see The Blitz from the perspective of an adorable dog named Bertie. His story is a complicated one at first, as his first owner passes away and he spends time on the streets moving from family to family until he ends up living with his newly self picked forever family. Bertie then fits right in and makes his mark on the family during the tough times that London is going through.

I loved this book, it combined two things I absolutely love, history and dogs. I found Bertie’s perspective on wartime London both fascinating and eye opening. This also served as a somewhat educational text for me, in the sense of that I had no idea the troubles that animals went through in this time. It had become frowned upon to keep pets during the war due to rations, as the pets became an unnecessary mouth to feed. Many people abandoned their pets, other people struggled along in keeping their pets, and you see both these situations in this novel. It’s also really easy to not think about the effects of the bombing on animals, how confusing the noise must have been and the fires, the shaking of buildings. We worry about our pets with fireworks these days, and this traumatises many animals, so imagine the effects of bombs on animals back then. This book truly opened my eyes to these issues.

I found Bertie such an easy character to love, he is such a typical loyal dog, who just wants to make his family happy. His character felt a little unrealistic at times though, in fact it could become easy to forget he was a dog at all, and I found this a little jarring at times, and this is honestly the only reason why I couldn’t give this book a full five stars.

The story is fast paced, it doesn’t even drag or lose flow and I was hooked from the very first page to the last. I would highly recommend this book to dog lovers, and in fact to anyone as I feel there is something in here for everyone, and I love the lessons it teaches us about caring for pets.

4 stars out of 5


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