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Book Review: Den of Shadows, by Christopher Byford

34859647-2DNFed at 50%

I received a free digital copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley.

This is a fantasy novel with a western feel to it, and the description had me desperate to read it. The story follows a train that has been converted into a moving gambling den, with fantastical elements and was described as being for fans of books such as Caraval.

Going on this description, I was eager to read this book, which was also advertised as a short and quick read. I was expecting to meet strange and interesting characters and to be entertained by the events on the train. Instead, I feel this is one of the most slow paced and dull books I have ever picked up. Usually I try and pull myself through books no matter what, especially when I have requested them to review. This book was just too difficult for me to find anything to like and push through with.

To go into more detail on what I didn’t like, I shall first start off with the characters. To be honest, I can’t even remember anyones names, which is never a great start. I didn’t like any of the characters, like they weren’t good people, so I didn’t feel any attachment to them to help me keep reading. Then we have the plot, at first I managed to keep myself somewhat interested due to being intrigued about the world. This intrigue soon left me when I was just faced with slow moving plot, or rather almost no pace at all, and just pages of boring nothingness.

I’m honestly trying not to sound rude or mean with this review, however I just honestly have no good things to say about this book. Looking at other peoples reviews, this book seems to have a marmite affect. Many people share my opinion, on the other hand a few people have also loved it. This book clearly wasn’t for me, and so I wouldn’t recommend it unless you are a massive fan of very slow paced information dumping fantasy novels.

1 star out of 5


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