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Advanced Review: The Death of Her, by Debbie Howells

35296379This book is due to be published on August 24 2017.

I received a free digital copy of this book from the publisher.

This is a psychological thriller set in the beautiful county of Cornwall in England. The reader follows multiple perspectives of various different characters in this story, not just those of the police of the victim. At the beginning of the novel the reader learns that a young woman has been found beaten to within an inch of her life in a field and is being reported on the news as being named Evie. Another character named Charlotte sees this and recognises the injured woman, but she knows her as a woman named Jen. From here the reader follows so many twists and turns as the police try to find out what happened to Evie/Jen and where her missing daughter could be, assuming she even exists.

Debbie Howells is fantastic at confusing the reader, as you go on so many twists and turns as you read this book. I honestly didn’t have a clue who to trust, and felt scared for the wellbeing of multiple characters many times. Since you get perspectives from potentially multiple unreliable narrators, this all adds to the confusion and both the reader and the characters don’t know who to trust.

I loved the setting for this book, Cornwall is such a stunning setting, and I could imagine myself there with the wonderful descriptions of the locations. The atmosphere was always set so well too, I often felt tense during key scenes, and terrified on more than one occasion.

I’d say the only negatives I have for this book are that, first of all, I managed to correctly guess a major part of the plot, in terms of who the main perpetrator was. The other down side for me was that the police seemed unbelievably incompetent at times, to the extent where I genuinely wonder how they get through life, the stupidness is just too far for me to suspend my belief to.

Overall this is another tense and atmospheric read from the wonderful Debbie Howells, and I highly recommend both this and also The Bones of You. I can’t wait to read even more books by this author.

 4 stars out of 5

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