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If you are looking for an honest review then you have come to the right place. Please understand I make a point of always giving a truly honest review that will be helpful to both authors and readers. To make sure we are both on the same page for your review please make sure you read through the following page thoroughly before contacting me.

I am a very busy person, I work full-time along with reading and reviewing books in my spare time. Therefore I almost always have a queue of books to read. I try to keep the queue to a reasonable amount and will never stop taking requests. This does mean that occasionally you can be waiting an awfully long time for a review.

IMPORTANT: If there is a specific date you need a review by then you must state this in your request. If I don’t feel that I am able to provide you with a review in time then I will not accept a review copy from you. Also worth noting, real life happens sometimes. I can’t guarantee 100% that I can get a review done in time in the case of sickness/injury, sudden bereavement and other exceptional circumstances. If I feel a date in which a review will be completed is going to be affected by something out of my control then I promise to let you know of this as soon as possible.

There is no genre I will not read, though this may change in the future if my tastes change. I have no favourite genre and will generally read and enjoy anything fact or fiction. The review will always be honest without being malicious. My goal is always to let the author know what was good and what was bad in a polite manner. Meanwhile I want to assist readers into decisions about whether the book will be something suited to them.

If I review your book and you are particularly pleased with your review then I would really appreciate it if you took the time to email me (contact details further down the page) and let me know. It would be a fantastic help to be able to make a page of testimonials from satisfied customers.  If I review your book and you like my review but don’t wish to give a testimonial then that is absolutely fine, it is by no means compulsory. If you wish to support me in some other way then I am grateful for any publicity whether it be a tweet linking people to the review or a link on your own website. Anything goes, and it brings us both publicity.

When you request a review for your book I will try my best to advertise your book to my greatest ability and my services include:

  • A review posted on Kirsty’s Reviews
  • A link on my twitter account to the review
  • Your book advertised in my coming soon list
  • While reading your book this blog will have your book featured at the top of each page as my “currently reading” book
  • A copy of the review posted on my Goodreads account which has hundreds of friends and followers
  • A daily update on Goodreads of my current page and thoughts so far if any for maximum advertising purposes
  • Upon request I will also post a copy of my review on amazon and any other places you would like (where possible)
  • I am also a member of NetGalley and if I receive a copy of your book via there, then I will also submit a feedback review there too.

I prefer copies of books to be sent via ebooks to my kindle, it’s better for the environment and also just easier for me. I understand that this is not always possible though, so if it suits you better then I will also review paper books too.

NEW – I now have a BookTube channel (Youtube channel dedicated to books) and can do video reviews upon request. If you do not request a video review then I won’t do a full video review of your book BUT it will get a mention and brief review in a wrap-up video.

If you have read through this page and you would still like me to review your book then please email me at to arrange your review.

I look forward to hearing from you and to reading many exciting and interesting new books and authors.



One response to “Review Services

  1. John Nelson February 26, 2016 at 6:26 pm

    Kirsty, “I, Human” is available for review on NetGalley. Send me an inquiry and I’ll approve.


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